Pastoral Care of the Students


Pastoral care of students are taken care of in order to look after the personal, spiritual, psychological growth of the students from the beginning of his/her admission.

Four Houses

Students from Nursery to XII are to be part of the Houses. The four houses are named after Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Each house has got its motto, symbol and its colour. The mentor of the house who is a teacher will look after the formation and function of the house. Each house is given a day for coming together in their colours where they have a common prayer and assembly. All the cultural and sports competitions are conducted in house wise.

The House System is an integral part of life at St. Norbert School, Damoh. It aims to increase co-operation, mutual understanding, tolerance, self-reliance, motivation, sense of responsibility and participation and above all competition and fun through a range of school based activities. All the students and members of staff are attached to one of the houses, which are named after a colour. Each house is assigned a virtue and a motto.