Right knowledge can set us free. Christ who taught that TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE is the source of inspiration. The School is named after St. Norbert the Founder of Norbertine Order. The seminal influence of his vision and motto of the Order- ‘Prepared for every good work’ permeates all our educational activities.

About St. Norbert our Patron

St. Norbert was born about the year 1080 in the Rhineland. Norbert belonged to a noble family that enjoyed much wealth and great reputation. He had received his education in one of the famous “canonical schools”. He was learned both in the knowledge of letters and the affairs of the world. He underwent a conversion from his worldly life and adopted a regular rule of life and became a priest in 1115. After his conversion he added the knowledge of the scriptures. Such learning made his talent of eloquence very winning, efficacious and persuasive .The very boisterous and luxurious life he lived as a youth leads us to the conclusion that he took to the clerical state for human motives .In the court of the emperor, the emperor and all the courtiers considered him pleasant and delightful.

St. Norbert’s sanctity is neither a free gift, nor the fruit of a natural and marvelous predisposition. First of all it is a progressive overcoming of the negative aspects of his personality. Second it is a laborious actualization of the human values conspicuously present in him:  his total dedication, his singleness of purpose and his generosity

He put into action whatever he determined upon with amazing consistency. Postponing things for the next day were not in his nature. He was always bubbling with action. Having been accustomed to ease comfort and luxury, he not only renounced his riches and magnificent raiment but he even deprived himself of certain necessities.  E.G.-going barefooted in winter as an iterant preacher. Such transformations do not occur in mean and stingy hearts.

He went through France and Germany and other places preaching the word of God and with the help of companions who had joined him, laid the foundation of the Premonstratensian Order and set up a number of monasteries.

Reading the life of such a great man {St.Norbert} itself, instills in our minds and hearts, inspirations to be unique and  to  do  things  uniquely  always,  “Striving  for Excellent”. Therefore, St. Norbert is chosen as the Patron of our school .He died in the year 1134.